Phasya helps automotive industry to develop driver monitoring systems (DMS) and occupant monitoring systems (OMS). Indeed, Phasya’s software enables to further understand the driver and passenger states that impact safety, driving experience, and comfort. Furthermore, Phasya also offers services for test and validation of both driver monitoring systems and occupant monitoring systems. We are particularly committed to supporting automotive industry for meeting the EU regulation and Euro NCAP requirements related to driver status monitoring systems which are designed to detect fatigue and distraction.

Phasya’s software technologies for driver monitoring was awarded in 2019 by a CLEPA Innovation Award


Driver monitoring software & Passenger monitoring software

Phasya offers and develops software for monitoring several physiological and cognitive states of both the driver and the passenger such as drowsiness, cognitive load, stress, distraction, and mind wandering. Our solutions are based on the analysis of physiological data (eye movements, heart rate, etc.), also called biometric data. Thus, Phasya’s software can be integrated into various sensors (camera-based system, radar-based system, etc.) which provide the required data.


Validation and test services

Phasya offers services for DMS test and validation, in vehicle and in simulator. Our customers benefit from our 10+ years of expertise in neurology, physiology, sleep medicine, and human factors for validating their driver monitoring systems. Our team uses a combination of various data such as physiological data (e.g. electroencephalogram) and driving performances data (e.g. lane departure, crash, etc.) in order to perform an advanced, objective, and reliable validation. According to the customer needs, Phasya can set and manage the whole process (i.e. protocol definition, equipment setup, participants recruitment, results analysis and reporting).


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