Phasya helps automotive industry to improve current driver monitoring systems (DMS) and to develop the next generation of driver (and passenger) monitoring solutions. Phasya offers driver monitoring software as well services for test and validation of driver monitoring systems.

Driver monitoring software

Phasya offers and develops software for monitoring several physiological and cognitive states of the driver. Indeed, the ability to drive safely is influenced by various states such as drowsiness, cognitive load, stress, distraction, and mind wandering. Our solutions are based on the analysis of data provided by driver monitoring cameras and other sensing modalities (steering wheel sensor, seat sensor, etc.).

Validation and test services

Phasya offers services for in-simulator and on-road testing to compare DMS with physiological data (e.g. electroencephalogram) and driving performances data (e.g. lane departure, crash, etc.). According to the client needs, Phasya can set and manage the whole process (i.e. protocol definition, equipment setup, participants recruitment, results analysis and reporting).