PCSM software portfolio

Our software portfolio for physiological and cognitive states monitoring (PCSM) is constituted of several conversion modules to measure drowsiness, stress, cognitive load, and distraction from the analysis of physiological data such as eye movements and heart rate.

 Phasya's software portfolio is really modular and opens a new era in the monitoring physiological and cognitive states. 

  • Multi-states monitoring in order to enable a better understanding of underlying states that impact the individual performance and well-being
  • Data adaptive to fit various input data specifications in terms of availabilities, sampling rate, and resolution. Furthermore, our modular approach enables to offer solutions based on data fusion (e.g. ocular data + cardiac data).
  • Hardware agnostic to fit various sensors and processing platforms
  • Highly validated by using state-of-the-art and scientific evidence-based techniques
  • Quick and easy integration by the delivery of a custom-made API

Software modules for monitoring physiological and cognitive states

Mind wandering monitoring

Software for detecting mind wandering.

(in development)