Phasya has been acquired by Tobii

Phasya is now a part of Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking and a pioneer in attention computing. Our combined expertise and decades of experience enable us to deliver disruptive solutions to the automotive industry and others.

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Our physiological and cognitive states monitoring (PCSM) technology

Phasya develops the first software portfolio for monitoring several physiological and cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, stress, etc.) that influence human performances. Our solutions are mainly based on the analysis of eye features and heart rate, independently or in combination. Other data such as respiratory rate, electrodermal activity, and voice features can be also used for the analysis.



Our offer for physiological and cognitive states monitoring (PCSM)

Monitoring of physiological and cognitive states enables a better understanding of human performances and errors. Phasya offers a wide range of products and services for physiological and cognitive states monitoring (PCSM). Our core business is focused on PCSM software development. The Phasya multidisciplinary team supports our customers from the idea to the final validated product.


Drowsimeter R100

The Drowsimeter R100 is a complete easy-to-use solution enabling to measure objectively and automatically drowsiness and eye metrics. This product is dedicated to research purposes and trials.