Phasya teams up with Welbees


Phasya and Welbees join forces to reduce the fatigue-related risk in transportation and industry.




Fatigue and drowsiness are major causes of human errors leading to accidents in transportation and industry. Reducing fatigue-related accidents is among the top 10 priorities of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as listed in its « 2019 – 2020 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvement ».

By teaming up, Phasya and Welbees offer a unique range of complementary products and services for managing the fatigue-related risk. This partnership enables transportation and industry sectors to benefit from innovative approaches for improving their fatigue risk management systems (FRMS).


About Phasya

Phasya is a company specialised in technology development for measuring physiological and cognitive states. Phasya offers solutions for drowsiness monitoring.

About Welbees

Welbees is a company specialised in fatigue risk management within the transport sector and the industry. Welbees offers services and tools for implementing fatigue risk management systems.