Our solutions can be used in various applications such as safety, medical diagnosis, and research. Indeed physiological and cognitive states such as drowsiness influence the ability of an individual to perform a task or to make a decision. Furthermore the measurement of ocular parameters enables to understand the brain activity and gaze behavior.

All our solutions can be adapted to devices providing eye images via a head-mounted camera (e.g. camera into eyeglasses, virtual reality headset, and helmet) or a remote camera (e.g. dashboard camera).



Phasya provides products and services to improve safety in all means of transportation (automotive, rail, aviation, etc.) and in industry. Our aim is to prevent accidents by offering our technologies and services for driver monitoring, pilot monitoring, fatigue risk management systems (FRMS), assessment of human performances, etc.

Driver monitoring

Phasya helps automotive industry to develop the next generation of driver monitoring solutions, in particular to tackle the challenges raised by the Level 3 and Level 4 of autonomous driving.


With its expertise in eye tracking (analysis of eye movements) and in the detection of physiological and cognitive states of individuals, Phasya can also offer its solutions for medical diagnosis in the following areas: sleep medicine, neurology, occupational health, etc.


Phasya fosters research activities in the fields of sleep research, neuroscience, psychology, human factors, etc. For instance, the Drowsimeter R100 enables researchers to measure easily and objectively several ocular parameters as well as the drowsiness state.

More applications

Phasya's technologies have also the potential to open up other opportunities in the fields of user experience, gaming, education, and marketing.