Phasya offers solutions for detecting drowsiness and measuring eye movements (i.e. blinks, saccades, pupil dilation). These solutions are based on eye tracking technologies using eye images.

Phasya also develops solutions for detecting various physiological and cognitive states such as stress, attention, cognitive load, and mind wandering.

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Phasya solutions can be used in various applications such as safety, medical diagnosis, and research. We have notably specific solutions and developments for driver monitoring applications.

Indeed physiological and cognitive states such as drowsiness influence the ability of an individual to perform a task or to make a decision. Furthermore the measurement of ocular parameters enables one to understand the brain activity and gaze behavior.

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Phasya teams up with Welbees

Feb. 19, 2019, Liege (Belgium)

Phasya and Welbees join forces to reduce the fatigue-related risk in transportation and industry.


Fatigue and drowsiness are major caus


Business trip in Detroit

March 25-29, 2019, Detroit (USA)

Our CEO will be in Detroit for presenting our solutions for driver monitoring. Contact us to plan a meeting.

About us

Through ten years of multidisciplinary research, our team has gained considerable expertise in the development of solutions for analyzing eye images and measuring physiological/cognitive states.

In 2015, we created Phasya in order to offer our technologies and services worldwide. Since then, we have been recognized for our technologies and market potential through three international awards. 

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